Association of Professional Immigration Consultants

"Sincerity, Integrity and Credibility"

A. Promote, foster and maintain interest of an ethical and efficient immigration consultancy profession;

B. Encourage fair competition among the Consultants through enhancing the Members' knowledge and understanding of professional issues and helping them recognize the ethical requirements for observation and pushing their standard level up to par.

C Promote the education of members at all stages and levels with particular  emphasis on the broadening of such education in the provision of immigration and related services;

D. Dissemination of technical and professional information related to the field of immigration consultancy among consultants aimed at enhancing their level of professional expertise;

E. Maintain and improve the standards of conduct of all members in the immigration consultancy profession;

F. Consider the qualifications of members and corporate industry standards to raise and promote the members’ professional status;

G. Shall not support any activity, impose on or procure to be observed by members or the public any regulation or restriction which would make it a Trade Union within the meaning of the  Laws of Zambia;

H. Administer  and regulate members’ compliance with the Association’s Code of Ethics and Professional Practice, by fostering good governance, ethical and procedural best practice;

I. Protect and assist members and the public in all matters touching, ancillary or incidental to immigration consultancy profession;

J. Facilitate and appoint Committees where need be to settle disputes between members and between members and the public;

K. Represent, protect and assist members of the immigration consultancy profession in regard to their conditions of practice, remuneration and otherwise;

L. Enhance the dissemination of information, services, requirements and statutory fees as provided for under the Laws of Zambia;

M. Creation of strong occupational relationship among the Consultants through correspondence, discussions, conversations, electronic correspondence, Internet, other mass media, exchange of views, as well as holding periodic meetings working towards establishment of constructive occupational relations for the purpose of attaining the required professional coordination;

N. Provide services to assist members improve performance standards, business methods and profitability;

O. Provide a forum for liaison and consultation with the Government  of Zambia, government agencies, and other institutions;

P. Support the Government of Zambia in any policy, action, decision or endeavor which is deemed supportive of the Association ’s objectives and to safeguard the security of the state;

Q. Where appropriate, make recommendations to the Government of Zambia and/or any of its departments, or government agencies, in regards to the support or implementation of any policy, action, decision or endeavor which is deemed supportive of the Association’s objectives;

R. Promoting required liaison among Government and non-government organizations, associations, and other corresponding ministries aimed at furthering the Members' occupational rights;

S. Promote the reform of the law, both by the amendment of and the removal of imperfections in existing law and by the re-formulation, codification or restatement of particular branches of law which will improve immigration consultancy services and participate when called upon in draft legislation and to strengthen the machinery for the critical examination of its legal quality;

T. Take any lawful steps to achieve the proper and effective enforcement of legislation in Immigration and Deportation;

U. Affiliate, co-operate or join with any bodies, or other professions, societies or organizations, wherever situated, whose objects and activities are similar or related to the objectives of the Association ;

V. Promote and establish branches of the Association  for the benefit of members and to control, open, or close, support or take over the activities of such Branches as may be felt in the best interests of the Association;

W. Shall not subscribe to, support or amalgamate with any other organization which does not to the same extent as this constitution restrict the application of its finances and property and prohibit the making of distributions to its members except in circumstances approved by the Board members;


Our Services as APIC


"The primary objective of the Association, as an asset and resource of the country and people of Zambia, is to provide its members innovative, and market driven guidance for improved performance and productivity, and to empower members through the provision of business solutions for their sustained growth and development."


In order to achieve its stated objective the Association, without limitation, may undertake any or all of the following:

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