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Association of Professional Immigration Consultants

Registration Requirements



To become a registered member of APIC Zambia, you are required to To download and fill in the Membership document and enclose a non-refundable fee of K1,500.00 upon submission of the application form.

Being a member, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a vast range of the Association’s resources, such as Manuals, Rules of Professional Code of Conduct and in particular uniformity of professional fees.  Being a member’s organization, the Association is by, for and of Members.  This means that its Resources are yours to use and expand.


The Association is managed by its members who are either Professional Immigration Consultants or other professionals in related field.  They volunteer their time, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of general membership and Immigration Profession.   It is governed by the Board of Directors elected by its members, mandated to serve the needs of members by focusing efforts on the 4 pillars:





Lobbying – The Association interacts with relevant stakeholders and organizations at different levels with a view to be a link between the individual member and   stakeholder and relevant organization.

The information shared is valuable in the management of the Association and interest of its members.


Education - It is one of the objectives of the Association to focus on the provision of education to its members.  This will be done by organizing various educational events attended by stakeholders focusing on different areas of Immigration practice.


Information –The Association strives to make the relevant and important information relating to the immigration practice industry available to its members in a timely fashion.  To this end a website will be established which will be a valuable tool with a wealth of information on different topics, an active Immigration news page, bulletins on new investors, discussion forum and a host of such other subjects.  Also emails will be sent from time to time alerting the members on important developments or upcoming events.


Recognition - The members should continue to be seen and respected as professional, knowledgeable and reliable consultants by the Government, regulating organization and the general public.   To this end, the Association promotes ethical practice as a core value among its members and communicate values and beliefs to outsiders.  This coupled with the other three pillars is expected to help the Association and its members gain recognition as the professionals to deal with and eliminate GHOSTS, QUACKS and UNSCRUPULOUS self-styled or self-imposed Immigration  Consultants.


APIC- your professional network; you will be surprised where your next client comes from.


Also on offer as part of your benefits are Affinity Programmes meant to further equip you and your organization.



+ Vital Information delivered to your mailbox


APIC keeps the membership updated of relevant news through giving updates on important industry news and developments, upcoming seminars and events to all our registered members.


+ Advocacy through strength in numbers


APIC is the only immigration consultant organization recognized by the Zambian government stakeholders in their consultation processes. Lobbying for immigration consultants serves a primordial purpose; it educates government representatives and stakeholders about the needs of immigration consultants and ensures that a transparent communication process if followed at all times. APIC has made numerous presentations to the Government. By advocating for Immigration Consultants, APIC has been bringing a voice and power to the immigration consultant profession and has responded to their needs in every dimension. Together , we can help bridge the gap between the government regulations on immigrations and the people on the ground.


Benefits of being a Member

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